Life as a Meatball

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Almost made a whole text post about what a bitch this trip has been, but I’m gonna suck it up and deal with it because in like, 8 hours I’ll be in Sydney, Australia to play in the Bingham cup and it’s gonna be amazing. But I swear to god if one more thing goes wrong (FINALLY) getting on this last flight, I’m just gonna set myself on fire. Solo international travel is way more stressful than I expected.

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you know whatd be a fun exercise

get a writer and an artist together. artist does a sketch, writer writes a handful of paragraphs. they give them to each other.

writer has to write a handful of paragraphs on the scene depicted in the sketch, and it cant be just like, describing it. artist has to draw a new sketch from the writing.

it’d be a neat lil’ flex-the-muscles sort of thing. 

I’m actually really into this idea. Now to find a willing/patient artist.

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